Monday, April 14

Thank You St. Louis

Wow! What a great week. The Mortgage Matchmaker Conference in St. Louis was fantastic. President Erik Janeczko and the Board of the Missouri Association of Mortgage Professionals have done an excellent job of getting NAMB’s Missouri state affiliate up and running again, and even though there were about 75 people there, it was a success. I was able to speak with many of the attendees and many of the exhibitors. I really appreciated the ability to go over and speak to them. Thanks again to my hosts for such a great time.

It's All About The Numbers

In speaking in St. Louis, I was approached by an exhibitor who wanted to talk about something I said. He commented on the fact that I told everyone that it is all about membership numbers. We need numbers. He said that after hearing this, it started to make sense as to why we are always talking people to join. In Washington, D.C., it’s all about the numbers. How many people are members? Not how much money do you have or how many states you represent, but how many members are part of your association. I explained that, according to the NMLS, there are about 105,000 mortgage originators and we need to have 15,000 of them to make sure we get a good representation. He asked me to send him a blank application and he was going to have his account executives go and get us some members.

A Challenge

With that said, do YOU realize that all it takes is a little effort to go get three members and we would have in excess of 15,000 members of NAMB? I am asking you again to take your business card and put on the back and hand it out to three to five new people and ask them to join. It is only $50 for the year. So ASK them to please join the association. It is time that everyone is part of the solution and not part of the problem. 
If you are looking through our NAMB Web site,, you are starting to see all of the work that we have been doing to make it better for you the NAMB member. Now on the front page is my Monday Morning Messenger for all of you to see, and as a member, you get to go inside the site to gain great information for you to use on a regular basis. Also, don’t forget to renew or go get you NAMB Lending Integrity Seal of Approval today.

Coming to a City Near You

All loan originators need it to participate in an upcoming event that will help all of you and you won’t even have to leave your city. Stay tuned as I will have more about this in the very near future.

Contact Me

If you want to contact me about anything, please use the e-mail address or address. My old e-mail address is really not working anymore and it is a chore to go get those e-mails.

Thank You Members!

I want to thank all of you for everything that you as members are doing to make this association successful. I am truly grateful to all of you for your belief in me and in our Board. I just wanted to say a heartfelt “Thank You.”

Something Huge Next Week

Next week, I am going to address a huge topic concerning compliance. I think this one will help everyone and it is a huge topic for all involved in the mortgage profession.

Until next week!

Donald J. Frommeyer, CRMS, President 
NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals


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