First Annual NAMB Wholesale Summit Judged a Resounding Success

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Consumer Reports Revises Anti-Mortgage Broker Article

Thanks to the many NAMB members who contacted Consumer Reports about the article where they recommended that a borrower not use a mortgage broker.  CR has revised their article and now recommends that borrowers compare rates and programs, not only at banks, but also at credit unions, mortgage brokers and mortgage companies... Click here to read more.

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NAMB Calls on CFPB to Delay TRID Enforcement

 Joining with the other major trade associations in the real estate industry, NAMB is urging the CFPB to have delayed or restrained enforcement of the new TRID disclosures.  This is not a financial services issue.  We are fully prepared to disclose the fees found in the APR.  Our concern is that putting together other parts of the closing 3-business days prior to closing will cause immense hardship on consumers.  The CFPB needs to clarify the responsibilities of lenders for items that may change outside of the financial transaction in which the lender plays no part and has no control.  Establishing a changed circumstance and re-disclosing it in the midst of the final days may also create substantial delays depending on how it must be disclosed to certain consumers.  Consumers with limited resources are likely to be most adversely impacted by this re-disclosure process since they lack the electronic tools available to more affluent borrowers.
In addition, there are many unresolved conflicts between the responsibilities of lenders and brokers under this rule and state laws.  Inevitably, more will arise when actual transactions begin to take place.

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NAMB Annual Legislative and Regulatory Conference

Saturday, April 11 - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 Come help us fix some of the problems written into Dodd/Frank.  This is important to every originator, mortgage lender and especially mortgage brokers.  We need a large turnout to march on Capitol Hill with an agenda that is good for industry and consumers.  No consumer should be forced to pay more a mortgage simply because of poorly drafted legislation.  The dates are April 11-14, 2015 at the Hyatt Place hotel in Washington, DC.  This is a beautiful, brand new hotel that is convenient to Capitol Hill and federal agencies.  Make your flight plans and reservations early because this could sell out.  We are looking for some event sponsors.  It is a great opportunity to reach the leaders of our industry.

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Monday, March 30

What a great week. The feedback we continue to receive from last weekend's 1st NAMB Wholesale Summit has been fantastic.... Click here to read more.  

Thursday, March 26

You may have noticed that News From NAMB is not just links to other media stories but also goes to primary sources.  Because NAMB is so deeply involved in so many facets of our industry, we find important information that may not be reported elsewhere.  Best of all, it is free to NAMB members. News From NAMB is sponsored exclusively by United Wholesale Mortgage. Click here to read this week's News from NAMB.



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