Faculty Requirements

To teach courses on the national and state level NAMB utilizes a network of trained faculty around the country. NAMB faculty are mortgage industry professionals that have undergone a rigorous review process to ensure that all faculty have experience as students in NAMB courses and high level skills in adult education training.

  • NAMB policies do not replace any State Affiliate policies
    • Instructor must adhere to both State and NAMB policies
  • To teach NAMB course, must fulfill all requirements:
    • Must be member in good standing
    • Complete instructor training series
  • To teach IP course, must adhere to IP’s training requirements

View a current list of NAMB National Instructors by STATE (PDF)

          NAMB National Instructors by LAST NAME (PDF)

        NAMB National Instructors by COURSE (PDF)

State Eligibility Criteria - Instructor Candidate

  • Member in Good Standing
  • Complete Instructor Series (NAMBits)
  • Complete Faculty Application form
    • Submit to State Education Director
    • State Ed Dir submits to NAMB VP Education
  • Successfully complete 2-day NAMBits
    • Complete NAMBits prior to co-teaching

For each course candidate wishes to teach:

    • Enroll in and obtain a Certificate of Completion for course
    • Co-Teach with experienced State instructor
    • Receive evaluation of “good” or “above average” from supervising State instructor
  • Restricted to teaching in “home” state
  • Compensation is determined by the state association
State Affiliate Responsibilities

National Eligibility Criteria - Instructor Candidate

  • Member in Good Standing
  • Complete Instructor Series (NAMBits)
  • Hold NAMB Designation CRMS or CMC
  • Nomination by state, approval by national
  • Complete all requirements for State Faculty
  • Be willing to teach NAMB courses throughout the country
  • Be continuously reevaluated based upon student rating forms
  • Have a minimum CRMS or CMC designation, or commit to attaining it within 6 months
  • Compensation $100/per CEU taught plus travel expenses
  • Experience:  minimum of 5 years in mortgage industry
  • Must be nominated by State President or State Education Chair and by current National Instructor
    • Nomination review and approved/denied by NAMB Education Committee
  • Complete all requirements for State Faculty 


NAMB Instructor Responsibilities

Course duration:  1 CEU = 1 hour, no exceptions

Course Evaluation Form:

  • Completed and forwarded to state or national

Annual History Form:

  • Instructor and State maintain record of teaching assignments
    • National will not track teaching assignments for instructors
  • Instructor retains one copy; forwards original to state; who forwards a copy to national

Course Feedback Form from Instructor:

  • Instructor sends to NAMB’s VP Education via email or FAX

One Page Bio or Resume


Instructors also agree to abide by the following standards and procedures:

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