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As you are fully aware the mortgage broker industry is being attacked on every front. NAMB continues to work hard on your behalf. We’re in the media. We’re testifying before Congress. We’re exploring legal rights and remedies.  And still the critical issues are mounting. Throughout the nation we are facing legal, legislative and regulatory assaults.  Now is the time to stand together.  Now is the time to fight.  Now is the time to donate to the NAMB Industry Protection Initiative!

Our industry will be unrecognizable if changes policymakers have proposed are made final. We need to act quickly and decisively on issues pertaining to:
  • Anti-Broker Appraisal Policies;
  • LO Compensation;
  • Dodd-Frank Act issues including CFPB;
  • FDIC buy-back request; and
  • GSE Fee Increases and other burdens.
Right now we are being out-gunned and out-spent on these critical issues. Advocacy efforts and legal counsel are expensive.  We need your financial support today.  

Each member of the NAMB Board of Directors has already answered the call and pledged a minimum of $500.  Today, our NAMB President, Mike D'Alonzo, CMC is asking each NAMB member to do the same. Times have been tough for many of us, but now more than ever NAMB needs your support.  

Click here to donate to the NAMB Industry Protection Initiative today!
* This donation is non-tax deductible

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