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NAMB relies on its members to help inform Congress of the important role that mortgage brokers play in today's market. A strong Advocacy team is imperative in defending our industry. We need YOU to help us build this advocacy network!


NAMB holds an annual Legislative & Regulatory Conference in Washinton DC.

The NAMB Legislative & Regulatory Conference provides NAMB members with the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC and meet with their Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill. Registrants for the event receive a packet of information including talking points, position papers, and leave-behind documents. Those wishing to participate in Advocacy Day must register to receive this information. NAMB Government Affairs staff receives all feed-back forms following the event for analysis and follow-up meetings.

Meeting with your Senator/Representative at another time? NAMB encourages its members to meet with their state and federal officials outside of the Legislative & Regulatory Conference. If you plan to meet with an official, please provide NAMB with a) the date, time, and name of the official with whom you are meeting; and b) important feedback by sharing your feedback with our Government Affiars Chair. NAMB Government Affairs staff will be able to analyze the information and conduct follow-up meetings if necessary. Meeting with your official allows NAMB to establish a "GrassTOPS" network by finding out which Senators and Representatives have been responsive to NAMB's message. If you are not able to fill out a feedback form or enter your information, you are welcome to e-mail with any information about your meeting that you feel is important.

If you would like to set up a state event using our system, please contact All participants must be NAMB members to access the system.

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