NAMB Summer School:Are LMI Borrowers Worth The Risk?


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Just because these borrowers have low FICO scores doesn’t mean they’re a bad investment. They could have been foreclosed on or defaulted on their mortgage as a result of the housing market crash. Everyone deserves a second chance to achieve the American dream of home ownership.

We think the topic will appeal to TPO’s if we portray these people as profitable investments that FMW believes are worth the risk.  Why are they not as risky as they first appear? FICO score still a good measure? Often seen as the new “sub-prime”…appetite for risk. Higher delinquency? Are appraisals harder to obtain? We’ll shine the light on the truth behind these loans and why we aren’t afraid…new attitude toward yesterday’s products.

 Choose Freedom to Grow: FM Wholesale offers a suite of LMI products to serve the needs of these borrowers and have the dedicated, knowledgeable closers & underwriters to successfully make their dream of homeownership a reality.


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