Benefits of NAMB Membership

Membership in NAMB will benefit you in so many ways. NAMB will keep you educated, trained and well-informed on everything happening in the mortgage industry. It will be the best business decision you make all year! Help NAMB protect your industry.

NAMB membership provides you with all of the products and services that associations typically offer, along with services specially tailored to the mortgage industry. NAMB members can take advantage of two memberships (state and national) for the price of one! NAMB currently maintains members in all 50 states and Washington D.C. providing you with additional products, services and networking opportunities.

NAMB members: See how NAMB fights for you by visiting the Legislative Action Center. The center provides information on current and pending legislation, rules & regulations, and what NAMB is doing to protect you and your industry.

Top Ten Reasons to Join NAMB

Take Control, Get Involved - if you don't get involved, you will not have a job.
Legislative Updates and Activities
Best Business Insurance
Designations - GMA, CMC, CRMS, Lending Integrity Seal of Approval
Recognized as a Professional - Join your association just like doctors, Realtors®, and builders do
Credibility and Notoriety
Networking among your PEERS!!!
Why Do I Need NAMB?

NAMB Testifies Before Congress
NAMB Works with CFPB
NAMB Participates in Multiple Regulatory/CFPB panels
NAMB Webinars
Full time NAMB lobbyist on Capitol Hill
NAMB Protects your business
NAMB Forms industry coalitions
NAMB Education
Legislative Advocacy
NAMB represents the mortgage broker industry on Capitol Hill by promoting legislation, negotiating with regulatory agencies, and working in partnership with other associations to achieve our public policy goals. A string of major legislative victories by NAMB have earned the respect of HUD, industry representatives and consumer groups. NAMB continues to make our presence felt at the negotiating table as we press for fundamental mortgage reform within the Congress.

The association’s extensive grassroots member network is NAMB’s crown jewel and the envy of the mortgage finance industry. It allows us to strike quickly when major legislative or regulatory issues threaten our members’ livelihoods. With our sizeable membership, we are often called upon to provide guidance as new laws and regulations take shape. Our growing numbers and grassroots activism have attracted broad support from leaders in our nation’s Capitol and translate into more clout both within the industry and among regulators and elected officials. Click here to view the latest legislative updates on our Government Affairs page.

Education Program

The goal of the NAMB Education Committee is to provide reasonably priced and convenient educational opportunities across the nation. As a member of NAMB, you receive even greater savings every time you enroll! Educational courses are held at national and affiliated state association events across the country, providing you with many opportunities to expand your knowledge. From introductory courses to those courses that examine key mortgage industry issues, we offer a training course for everyone.

The faculty are well-respected industry leaders. Additionally, many have received certifications or advanced degrees in their respective fields. This allows NAMB to provide you with a quality educational experience every time.

With more and more states looking to continuing education as a chief requirement of state licensure, industry education is more important than ever before. Participation in educational courses not only allows you to expand your business, but it provides much-needed business insurance.

NAMB maintains State Partner agreements with many of its state affiliates. This affords members even more flexibility as they strive to continue their mortgage industry education. Click here to learn more about NAMB's Education Program.

Industry Information

As a NAMB member, you receive the Monday Morning Messenger every week by e-mail. All members receive legislative and regulatory updates as well as regular industry updates via our all-member e-mail network. Is there something you'd like to see in the Monday Morning Messenger? Send us your comments!

Industry and Consumer Information

NAMB’s overall public relations effort to educate consumers about the value of the mortgage professional-customer relationship and to support the greater membership takes many different forms. NAMB’s staff has made certain that our pro-mortgage professional message is featured in national publications, through social media and via press releases. Each week the Monday Morning Messenger features articles where the NAMB President is quoted or the association is mentioned.

Consumers also have access to certain areas of the NAMB website that showcase the value-added services mortgage professionals have to offer. By visiting our website, your clients will learn that NAMB members are well-educated, well-respected leaders in their field who are committed to their profession and to their customers’ satisfaction. Our website also features important industry information for NAMB members, press releases for the media and consumer information for aspiring homebuyers. Members also have exclusive access to our Members Only section that provides additional regulatory and legislative updates, increased coverage of the entire mortgage industry, special offers and more!

Valuable Member Discounts

Members have the opportunity to receive handsome discounts on a variety of goods and services through the NAMB+, Inc. Program. NAMB membership saves you and your company money! For more information on this program, go to the NAMB+ page.


Each year, NAMB hosts some of the most informative and well-attended conferences in the industry. NAMB’s conferences offer unique opportunities to develop professional skills, discover the latest technology, network with peers, and meet with the largest gathering of lenders and other suppliers in the industry.

NAMB also features an annual legislative and regulatory conference in Washington, D.C. including a full “advocacy day” on the Hill to meet with state leaders.

As a member, you will be able to take advantage of all that NAMB conferences have to offer you, at greatly reduced rates! More on meetings.


The association’s certification program presents you with a golden opportunity to advance your career. With three levels of certification available, NAMB gives you another tool to differentiate yourself from other mortgage professionals, increase your business opportunities, maintain your skills and industry knowledge, and boost your bottom line. Whether you are a seasoned mortgage broker or someone relatively new to the business, certification is a worthwhile investment.

CRMS, the entry-level certification, gives you a leg up on your competition. It shows that you have mastered the core skills and knowledge that allow your business to grow. Recertification is also a valuable part of this program.

The Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMC) is the highest level of certification available. It carries with it the prestige that is deserving of all mortgage professionals who obtain it. While the requirements for this program are more extensive than those of the CRMS, the rewards are also impressive. The CMC demonstrates a sincere dedication to the industry. And with its recertification requirement, the designation also represents the individual’s willingness to remain ahead of the curve as the industry around us changes.

The General Mortgage Associate (GMA), was established in 2007 by The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB). Through the program newer mortgage brokers and loan officers can demonstrate their ability to provide top quality service and knowledge of the latest products and mortgage industry trends. Click here to learn more about NAMB Certification.


The National Association of Mortgage Brokers Political Action Committee (NAMBPAC) is another way that NAMB works for the interests of the mortgage professional every day. This voluntary nonpartisan political action committee helps to raise awareness of mortgage professional issues in our nation’s capitol and provides members with an opportunity to become direct participants in the political process. Coupled with the effectiveness of our grassroots network, NAMBPAC helps ensure that you will be heard above those who might not represent your interests. NAMBPAC—named the country’s fastest growing business PAC in 1998—has become a force to be reckoned with nationwide. Click here for more information about NAMBPAC.

NAMB's Commitment to Members

Our top priority is to be responsive to the needs of our members. Through your involvement in NAMB, you will have a national voice on the issues that will help shape the future of our industry and your business. All across our association, NAMB is a unifying force, helping incorporate the ideas and energy of a growing membership into success and timely action. We will continue to use our members’ resources wisely to develop and improve services that keep up with the demands of our changing needs. Our goal is excellence, and our members’ satisfaction is our guide. NAMB and its affiliated state associations are working for you and your industry every day.