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» NEW: CRMS/CMC Prep Course at NAMB's 2008 Annual Convention!

» Checklist – Are You Ready for Certification?

» Certification vs. Certificate – What’s the Difference?

» Certificant in the Spotlight

NEW: CRMS/CMC Prep Course at NAMB's 2008 Annual Convention!
Register Today for only $150 per person

NAMB can help you take the next step in your career by helping you prepare for the CRMS and CMC exams. We’ll offer a CRMS/CMC prep course on Saturday, June 21 from 11:45 a.m. - 5:45 p.m., that provides an intense learning experience for mortgage professionals who are planning to get certified. Not only will the course help you prepare, it will give you a feel for what the actual exams will be like, improve your performance, increase your confidence and align your priorities/preparations for the CRMS and/or CMC.

Register today for only $150 per person. The session fee includes lunch, a study book, and a $25 discount towards the exam fee. Learn more and register now for this new CRMS/CMC prep course!

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Checklist – Are You Ready for Certification?

Still deciding if you’re ready to take the GMA, CRMS, or CMC certification exams? The time to act is now and we can help. NAMB has established eligibility requirements for each exam based on your level of experience and knowledge.

Chances are that you’re ready to sit for one of the exams right now. Check the table online outlining the eligibility requirements to find out which credential is right for you. Click here to apply for the GMA, CRMS, or CMC exam today.

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Certification vs. Certificate – What’s the Difference?

In the June issue of NAMB Magazine, the Director of Certification, Phara G. Rodrigue, discusses how certificates differ from full-fledged certification programs. The article also explains the value of a credential, similar to NAMB’s own GMA, CRMS, and CMC, and how to distinguish a credentialing program from a certificate program.

This valuable article outlines the concrete information you need to understand how earning a credential versus obtaining a certificate can impact your career and the industry as a whole. Click here to check out the latest issue of NAMB Magazine. Make the right decision today.

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Certificant in the Spotlight
CertAlert catches up with Billy Parker.

Since becoming a mortgage professional five years ago, Billy Parker, CMC, CRMS, has earned two of NAMB’s credentials. He is only the 13th mortgage professional in the state of Texas to attain a NAMB certification. These achievements, he believes, have catapulted him to the top one percent of the industry and helped expand his opportunities.

What sparked Parker’s interest in certification? It wasn’t a mentor or supervisor, instead it was his own ambition for future success and the information NAMB publishes in its magazine and other publications.

Parker is a graduate of The Ohio State University who received his mortgage training at Alliance Academy in Dallas. In addition to being a mortgage broker, he owns MCE Providers of North Texas, a school that provides MCE classes for real estate professionals. Parker is a Captain and 20-year veteran for American Airlines.

CertAlert caught up with Parker to find out more about his certification experience.

How long have you been certified?

In May, after four years as a mortgage loan officer, I became aware of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers certification program. Over the next few months, I began to study and prepare for the Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS) certification examination. On August 20th, 2007, I passed the CRMS written exam. At that time, I was only the 13th mortgage professional in the state of Texas to attain a NAMB certification. My passion and motivation for the mortgage industry did not stop with the CRMS certification. In March 2008, I successfully obtained the Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMC) certification.

Why did you seek certification initially?

I want borrowers to be assured that I am on the leading edge of the latest changes in the mortgage industry, loan programs, and interest rate trends. It is also my desire that my clients realize and understand that I want to put them in the best financial position based on their personal and financial requirements.

What did you expect the certification process to be like?

I honestly had NO idea what the certification process would be like other than reading the directions provided from the NAMB web site. I knew that I would have to thoroughly review and study the referenced publications as outlined for the test preparation guide.

Was it what you expected?

No, the actual exam was much more difficult than I had expected because the scope of the exam covered all areas of the mortgage business. However I firmly believe that by preparing for, and passing these exams, the depth of my knowledge has significantly increased which ultimately will allow me to better serve my customers. I take great pride that I can represent the state of Texas by having my CRMS and CMC national certifications. These prestigious certifications have motivated me to do everything possible to promote NAMB Certification Program on the national and state level.

What are the rewards of earning your credential?

These certifications demonstrate a commitment to myself and the mortgage industry. More importantly, they add instant credibility and reassure the borrower that they are working with a true professional. I strongly believe that having the CRMS designation also helped me to obtain the opportunity to write a bi-monthly mortgage column that has a weekly circulation of 140,000+ readers in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

How is the mortgage industry changing?

Over 260 major U.S. lending operations have failed since December 2006, coupled with fact that many lenders are continually revising underwriting guidelines, the mortgage industry is constantly evolving on a daily basis. For example, look how Fannie Mae has implemented new lending guidelines that went into effect June 1st.

Will having credentials help mortgage professionals adjust to the changes?

Absolutely! Having the NAMB certifications will assist mortgage professionals to adjust to these changes more quickly and effectively.

What is the value of certification?

The CMC and CRMS designations place me in the top one percent of the mortgage industry. Certification shows that I am committed to my customers by obtaining the knowledge that can help educate them concerning their real estate and mortgage needs. Certification also shows that mortgage professionals are working towards continuous learning, education, and training. The message to borrowers is that originators who achieve this designation are committed and equipped to put them in a better financial position. Likewise, achieving this national certification shows business partners (realtors, builders, CPA’s, and financial planners) that they are committed to a higher level of knowledge and professionalism to be the best in the industry. It also shows my customers and business partners that I agree and abide by the NAMB Code of Ethics.

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NEW online GMA Exam Preparation Course. This course is intended to assist a mortgage professional in studying for NAMB’s GMA Certification Exam. TrainingPro, in partnership with NAMB, has created this Exam Preparation course to assist you as you prepare for the General Mortgage Associate Exam. For more information on the GMA prep course, click here.

Register for the exam. Once you’ve completed the GMA prep course, be sure to go to to take the GMA practice exam. This online assessment will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the format of the test questions and provides an indication of preparedness for the actual exam. The practice exam is a 55-question, multiple-choice tool based on the content outline of the GMA.

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