CMC Qualifying Points…


The CMC exam is open to mortgage professionals who meet the following requirements: 

  • have at least five (5) years of mortgage industry experience;
  • possess and have documented a minimum of 100 qualifying points;
  • agree to abide by, and have no violations against, the NAMB Code of Ethics;
  • and agree to abide by, and have no violations against, NAMB's best - lending practices  

Qualifying points are determined by a combination of education and experience as determined by the five categories listed in the table below (For each category, candidates must have a minimum and maximum number of points in order to achieve eligibility).

For a complete breakdown of the CMC eligibility points please refer to the CMC Application & Applicant Handbook. To review the requirements for all NAMB Certification Program click on Eligibility Requirements.


CMC Requirements & Qualifying Points







Minimum Requirement

Maximum Available


Category I


Work Experience


3- 5 points per year






Category II

Mortgage Education

1 point per credit hour or 1 point per clock hour






Category III


Formal Education


3 – 10 points depending on degree






Category IV


Professional Certifications

5 points per mortgage industry credential. 15 points per NAMB credential






Category V

Leadership & Participation

Points vary according to level of participation





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