Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement:

1. To make certain that minorities and protected classes are represented in our industry in proportion to their numbers in the population. This should include a pathway to leadership in business and in NAMB.

2. This Committee should help to create a mortgage environment where all people groups are served and no one who qualifies for a mortgage is denied or made to believe they would not qualify when that is not the case. This may involve working with lenders both large and small as well as all brokers and originators to achieve this goal. This committee shall act as the eyes and ears of protected classes and shall give them a greater voice.
3. Laws, regulations and guidelines are created that often have a disparate impact on protected classes. Our job is to identify these rules that tend to harm minorities from creating businesses or prevent qualified minority consumers from obtaining a mortgage.


Committee Chair:

Wendy Bernard, Esq.
Bernard Law Group
984 Southford Road
Middlebury, Connecticut 6762
Office: 203-805-4521  Fax: 203-632-1020
Email: wendy@bernardlawgrp.com


Rosalyn Hardy

FAIR LENDING – Vice Chair:

Sylvia M. Gutiérrez


Matthew Hallisey, Esq.

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