Take advantage of the resources that NAMB has to offer. Refer to the Applicant Handbook for guidance. The information provided in this guide may be helpful as you prepare for the exam:




Exam Content Outline-

The major subjects which will be included on the exam are found in the exam specifications outline located in the Applicant Handbook.


Sample Questions-


  • Sample exam questions can be found in the back of the Applicant Handbook and are provided and are arranged in order of subject content area. On the exam, the questions are in random order.


  • Answer all of the sample questions to see if there are any subject areas with which you have difficulty. You should review those subjects prior to taking the exam.


  •  Study the format of the sample questions. The exam questions will follow the same format. All of the questions are multiple-choice, all will have only one correct answer, and all can be answered independent of other questions.


Reference Materials-


  • Reference materials used during the development of the CMC  and CRMS examinations are cited in the Applicant Handbook. NAMB does not recommend that you read all of these reference materials before taking the exam; however, you may want to refer to specific sources for help with subjects in which you need additional review.



There are many educational resources, including mortgage related courses that candidates may utilize.  Make sure you devote your time to courses that will help in improving your knowledge base.  You may wish to visit the Education section of the NAMB website at www.namb.org. You may also wish to contact your state association or other mortgage education providers for information concerning upcoming mortgage-related courses.



NAMB Certification Department Disclaimer

The NAMB Certification Department does not endorse or uphold any claims made by vendors of study materials listed. NAMB

does not guarantee enhanced performance on any NAMB exam as a result of using study materials. No enhanced performance

on any NAMB exam is expressed or implied for individuals purchasing or using ANY of the study materials listed in the reference

materials. NAMB does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by study material advertisers.



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