NAMB Health Plan

You run your business. We’ll run your benefits plan. NAMB is thrilled to partner with Pendella to offer a virtual health care exchange program for mortgage professionals and NAMB members.

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Your employees and their families deserve a well-structured benefit plan that provides reliable coverage and access to affordable care. Pendella offers support in the following areas:
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vision and Dental Plans
  • Income Protection
  • Life Insurance                                                       
  • Business Overhead Insurance
  • Accident and Illness Plans
  • Personal Care Accounts
  • and much more!

Pendella advisors will create programs for you and your employees so you can focus on running your business. Pendella is available to all mortgage professionals across the U.S. for these immediate benefits so sign up today! A full Association Health will be coming soon which will be a "Members Only" benefit. Click HERE to find out all the benefits of being a NAMB Member! 
Contact an expert to learn more about how Pendella can create a benefit plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Check out Michael Haffey, Managing Partner at Pendella, talk about the Association Health Plan!