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National Mortgage Professional Magazine is "The Source for top originators" and connects the mortgage professional community under various media formats.  While electronic media has become a vital part of our information platform, there is nothing like the feeling of holding a magazine in your hands.  In the business world, knowledge and expertise rank high in the qualities of successful professionals.  A subscription to our print edition ($59.00 value) allows you to share the informative articles in our publication with your colleagues and business partners - it is literally right there, at your fingertips. Our exceptional team of industry-seasoned monthly contributors, all with meaningful expertise in their related disciplines, provide the most up-to-date news, insight and advice for today’s mortgage professional.

State Specific Editions
Want to stay informed on a more local level? The contents of our state e-editions include all of the content from our national publication plus state-specific mortgage association information, including the President's Message, which highlights local issues, such as regulatory and legislative matters, along with the state calendar of events.

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The NMP Mortgage News Ticker is a daily news feed that gives you a snapshot of the hottest mortgage news stories from around the web.  Stay informed of the most recent headlines and blogs, all compiled into one convenient daily email.

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